Corporate Information

Creating bespoke Solutions for Development and Trading in Emerging Markets...

Corporate Information

Global Solutions & Commodities Ltd. (GSC) is a privately owned Investment Holding and Trading Company with Headquarters in London, UK. The Company also has local offices in Ireland (Dublin), Latvia (Riga), United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Tanzania (Dar es Salaam) and Albania (Tirana). It also maintains a representative presence in the United States of America. GSC's main business activities are generally conducted within the Emerging Markets area and in the Development, Investment and Trading sectors.

Over the years GSC and its Partners have successfully traded many differing Commodities and worked on various Infrastructural Projects throughout the developing world. GSC has worked in such places as Russia, Latvia, Albania, Pakistan, Sudan, Congo, Algeria and Senegal to name but a few. These Countries all have vastly different and unique issues surrounding them and this has required GSC to fully understand what opportunities existed, but more importantly to correctly identify what barriers to entry there were and any specific local and / or International issues that would stop or block successful outcomes.

GSC and its Partners have experienced many differing situations and issues on every scale. It is only with the knowledge we have gained coupled with the understanding that each Country has different needs and requirements, that we have been able to achieve success in such diverse and difficult areas. GSC take a medium to long term view on the Countries we work in, that, coupled with our ability to tailor requirements to suit, makes us different and gives us a much higher chance of being successful and thus creating a beneficial relationship for all parties involved.

The Company Headquarters in London provide the core management and support staff for the personnel situated at in-country offices world-wide. This structure enables flexible control to be exercised from the UK over a diverse range of business activity, while at the same time allowing for specialist teams to travel to international locations providing assistance, advice and support as and when it is required.

GSC has experience in Acquisition and Start-Up businesses, as well as the re-engineering and turn-around of more established emerging market businesses. GSC acts with a wide-ranging and diverse pool of Co-Investors and Partners, in multiple projects and locations and it benefits from the knowledge and background of personnel who have experience of working world-wide and in many differing situations and climates.