Development Projects

We have ability to create Fully Funded Projects, that are Designed, Managed and Delivered On-time and In-budget...

Development Projects

GSC and its Partners have over the years participated, managed and project managed varying types of Development Projects over many different continents. Development Projects can cover many diverse areas and are often unsuccessful in being developed because of lack of finance or not being packaged correctly, causing the various partners/contractors issues and thus not being able to agree and hence the project does not go ahead.

As with Infrastructural Projects and through the unique position and relationships that GSC has with various Financial Institutions, throughout the World, coupled with specific links to some Gulf Region Funds and Associations. GSC can offer very attractive tailor made Development Project solutions that best suit the local partner requirements and needs. GSC can offer bespoke funding options that can be repayable from periods of ten to twenty years, dependant on the type of Development that it is and providing the local partner qualifies.

Providing the local partner can attain qualification and/or supply acceptable guarantees to accompany the solution whilst maintaining any existing commitments that they may have, then potential exists to participate in projects such as Hospitals, Housing, Commercial & Military Buildings and other similar Strategic Projects that the local partner is seeking to develop.