Developing and managing a complete Forestry Package including harvesting plans through to sales advice...


The Forestry Management side of GSC has been involved within the Forestry Sector for many years. During that period they have worked in most areas of the World from Russia and Latvia in Eastern Europe, Nigeria and Ghana in Africa and Indonesia in South East Asia to name a few. Whilst working in these areas GSC has operated in many different guises, from being Project Manager of a small Forestry Project in Indonesia to Managing the whole business on behalf of the owners of one of the largest forestry enterprises in Russia.

From a Conservation perspective GSC has experience in Biodiversity Management, Reforestation, Forest Ecosystem Management and Sustainable Forest Management. All these areas are managed within any existing and or new project that GSC Manage or partake in.

GSC has the ability to create, Develop and Manage a complete Forestry Package, this would include a full harvesting plan together with export and sales advice on one side all the way down to the smaller points such as being aware what species and/or size of product is required for the market/s that the business will be in, or currently supplies to, so as to maximise all potential areas of growth and development.