Infrastructural Projects

Bespoke Financial and Specialist Contractor Solutions tailored to suit specific Country requirements and needs...

I nfrastructural Projects

Through the unique position and relationships that GSC has with various Financial Institutions, throughout the World, coupled with specific links to some Gulf Region Funds and Associations. GSC can offer very attractive tailor made Infrastructural solutions that best suit local partner requirements and needs.

Providing the local partner can attain qualification and/or supply acceptable guarantees to accompany the solution whilst maintaining any existing commitments that they may have, then potential exists to participate in the major turn-key projects such as Telecommunications, Ports, Power Generating Plants and other similar Strategic Infrastructural Projects that the local partner is seeking to develop.

These Infrastructural developments also need agreement and support with the Countries Government. GSC has the ability to create the solution that all parties can agree to and has the experience to manage the early stages, as well as to fully monitor the progress through to final completion.

Generally on Infrastructural Projects GSC will bring together the local partner with a Internationally renowned Specific Sector Partner or Utility Provider who has experience within that Specific Sector and or Utility that is being developed. For instance if a new Power Generating Plant was being developed then GSC would select an Internationally recognised Power Generating Plant Development Company or current Utility Provider to carry the works out to an International Standard. This coupled with a bespoke financial solution that GSC can offer and is favourable to the local partner creates a package for its local partners that are difficult for its competitors to compete with.