Physical Trading through an Approved list of Internationally recognised Brands and Products...


GSC has a vast amount of experience in physical trading and over the years has traded in many types of commodities within, but not limited to, the Forestry, Meat, Precious Stones, Metals and Petrochemical Sectors. GSC has significant experience in initiating these activities from the start as well as aiding and building out existing trading operations that need advice and direction to maximise their potential.

Through the unique partnerships that GSC has with various Gulf Region Financial Institutions, they are able to offer recognised Premium Quality Products at competitive prices. These Premium Products come with Guarantees and Warranties over varying number of years, dependant on what they are. Due to our partnership we are generally able to offer tailored financial packages, potentially with favourable deferred payment or credit terms on certain products. This is presuming that certain qualification requirements can be met by the local partner and or Country.

Due to these being Commercial agreements only and not Donor or Charitable funding, the continuity and long term success can only be achieved if all terms are completed, as per the agreement, by the local partner on an ongoing basis. Given this, GSC prefers to develop longer term trading positions with the local partner and sees this as vital in creating success for all parties and crucial in achieving the long term goals that they have.

In certain circumstances GSC are able to work in conjunction with local partners to create differing barter opportunities that may uniquely exist within the Country and / or an Organisation. Typically GSC would expect the local partner to deliver whatever the goods are to the port for shipment and using our experience, we would trade them and deliver higher value preferred goods in return.