Sales, Marketing & Business Development
GSC will help your company to develop and execute highly effective, profitable sales and marketing strategies at home and abroad.

Over many years, the founders of GSC and their partners have established, built out, marketed, developed and sold a diverse range of products and services into more than 40 countries worldwide. The experience they have gained over this time, together with the contacts and strong business relationships that they have forged over decades, form the backbone of GSC’s results-oriented consulting services. This ‘been there’ experience forms a core element of the GSC offering to companies who wish to take their products and services across new borders and ultimately develop new markets. GSC’s blend of experience, talent and personal business style enables clients to expand and grow their businesses at home and internationally.
GSC work directly with manufacturers, distributors and service providers to devise and execute international development plans – identifying, targeting and developing vibrant new markets for our client’s products and services.
GSC management work closely with our expert network of partners and contacts across the world to develop specific, tailored plans for each new market. GSC ensure that clients cover all local, regional and international market requirements along the way, identifying cost effective and optimal routes to market. GSC believe that working with trusted local partners is one key element that makes GSC different and is part of the key to success in opening up new sales channels and supply chains.
Through GSC’s strategic relationships with our shipping partners (WTC Logistics and ECU Worldwide), out team can also advise and assist on the transport and delivery of products and associated services to most destinations around the world.

Sales and Business Development Consultancy – key services

  • GSC can help your business to significantly increase sales, both in your Domestic market and Internationally
  • Strategically identify and develop new and optimal export markets
  • Drive sales in existing and new markets, helping clients achieve superior growth
  • Increasing revenues by identifying and implementing profitable top-line and margin growth strategies
  • Advise in aligning organisational structure for accelerated growth
  • Expand and manage sales channels (channel development and channel management – building effective distributor, agency and reseller networks across the world)
GSC’s service solution enables your business to offer it services and solutions in new markets and to scale efficiently with suitable in-country partners.

GSC can also work with your existing local partners to increase efficiencies and market penetration for your products and services. GSC’s team has, over many years, been successful in supplying specific services across a diverse range of sectors – from energy to construction, from software to aerospace, and from fishing to agriculture. GSC can offer solutions to support in-country investments where there is a shortage of sectoral expertise within the specific market, or where businesses need to embrace new technology and methods to augment their local service offerings. Through its association with expert partner service providers, GSC is able to select the company with the best service offering to suit local partner needs and requirements. With a depth of local market knowledge and research, GSC is positioned to create the optimal local market solution.

GSC and its expert partners bring decades of experience in many areas of the telecommunications sector, ranging from the carrier side of the industry through to the new digital age and the services

that run over it. The management at GSC has worked with leading telecoms companies based in the USA and EMEA, with particular expertise in brokering strategic relationships to drive the development of new networks. GSC also has experience in the production, development, marketing and management of products that are operated over the fixed and wireless telecoms and internet networks.

Infrastructural & Development Projects
GSC assists both private-sector and public-sector infrastructure and capital projects teams in financing, developing and realising greater value from their infrastructure investments and operations.

Through the unique position and relationships that GSC has with various financial institutions, coupled with specific links to a number of export credit agencies, gulf region and other funds, we offer your organisation attractive tailor-made solutions for infrastructural and development projects. We can assist the client in attaining qualification and/or supply acceptable guarantees to accompany the solution. GSC has the ability to create the optimal solution for the local client and has the experience and know-how to project co-ordinate the project, and closely monitor progress through to final completion. For infrastructural and development projects, GSC can bring together the local client with an internationally renowned specific sector partner, or utility provider, who has experience within that specific sector, together with a funded solution. For instance, if a new power generating plant was being developed then GSC would select a recognised generating plant development company to carry the works out to an acceptable international standard. As well as offering a bespoke financial solution to the client as well. This would be a complete package on a turn-key basis.

Infrastructure and Capital Projects Consultancy

  • Preparation, coordination and management of major infrastructure and capital projects, including project finance and full turnkey solutions.
  • GSC bring financial, operational, and technical expertise and experience in delivering complex, large-scale projects.
  • Assisting clients in delivering projects on time, on budget, efficiently and reliably.
  • For entities planning to build, operate, or invest in capital assets – from power to mining, from commercial development to hospitals – we enable clients to achieve their objectives and successfully execute their capital projects.
GSC and its partners bring vast experience in physical trading and, over many years, have traded in a broad range of leading commodities.

GSC has significant experience in initiating these activities from the start-up phase, as well as aiding and building out existing trading operations that leverage our advice and direction to maximise their potential. Through the unique partnerships that GSC has with various Gulf Region and other Financial Institutions, we are also positioned to offer recognised premium quality products at competitive prices. These premium products come with full guarantees and warranties, as appropriate for the product category. Working in partnership with key funds and banks, GSC offers tailored financial packages, potentially with favourable deferred payment or credit terms on certain products. We strive to build positive long term trading relationships and seek to develop longer term trading positions with local partners, delivering successful outcomes and achieving long-term goals with our valued clients.

The GSC team has been involved with a number of significant forestry projects. GSC leadership has worked on forestry and timber projects across the world, from Russia and Eastern Europe, to Africa and Asia.

Within these projects, the GSC team has operated in various functions, from project management for a small forestry project in Indonesia, to building one of the largest forestry enterprises in Russia, from start-up to acquisition. From a conservation perspective, GSC has experience in biodiversity management, reforestation, forest ecosystem management and sustainable forest management. All these areas are managed within any existing and/or new project that GSC manage or partake in.


GSC International Ltd. (GSC) is a privately-owned company based in London, UK and Galway, Ireland. GSC brings together a team of seasoned international business experts with a proven track record who, over many years, have worked on a broad variety of significant projects across multiple industry sectors throughout the developed and developing world. The GSC team has come together to create and offer bespoke solutions based on their many years of knowledge. In addition to our offices in the UK and Ireland, GSC also has regional associate offices based in the USA, Africa (Tanzania and Nigeria), and SE Europe (Albania). GSC’s main business activities are business development, sales and marketing, infrastructure development, investment, and trading.

We offer these services to the manufacturing, distribution and service sectors. The vast majority of countries across the world offer significant potential in commercial opportunities  but also present a diverse range of unique challenges within those markets. We can assist your company in navigating your way to success in these markets, as GSC and its partners have experienced  and successfully managed local market issues on every scale, from start-up and SMEs, to enterprise-scale projects. It is only with the experience and knowledge that we have gained, coupled with the understanding on how to resolve such issues, that we have been able to achieve success in such diverse and seemingly difficult markets. Based on our ‘been there’ expertise, GSC has developed a unique suite of tailored

consultancy offerings to suit each market situation – which makes us different and gives your business a much higher probability of success. GSC has broad experience in start-up businesses, investment via venture capital and private equity, acquisitions, as well as the re-engineering and turn-around of more established emerging market businesses. GSC acts with a wide-ranging pool of co-investors and partners, in multiple projects and locations. With GSC, your business can benefit from the knowledge and background of skilled personnel who bring decades of on-the-ground experience of working worldwide, across a broad variety of business climates.

For more information contact us at info@4gsc.com today.


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Imad is a seasoned International Businessman who has been involved in International Trade and Development throughout his business life. After finishing schooling in the UK and Switzerland where he gained a BA in International Business Studies, he initially worked in Bahrain with the Al Zayani Group, a well known Trading Group in the region. He worked on various trading and development projects, including such diverse areas as Rolls Royce and Pre-Fabricated Housing. Imad moved to the National Company for Commerce & Industry, also in Bahrain, where he set up a distribution agreement and completed the first sale of a Beech Aircraft in the region.

After moving to London and a short spell with Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette and Allied Dunbar, he started working with the Dallah-Albaraka Group as the Executive Assistant to Sheikh Abdul Aziz Kamel. Initially working on real estate investment & development projects in the UK, Portugal and Italy as well as a Joint Venture with Nynex, to install Fibre Optic cable. He was subsequently appointed as Managing Director of Samaha Trading (UK) Ltd. (part of the Dallah-Albaraka Group) with thirteen offices worldwide and trading in every continent. It became one of the most successful Companies within the group. This meant travelling the world, dealing with Governments and Ministers and larger Trading Companies in the regions.

Imad became Managing Director of the Lamerton Group of Companies and was key to the success of many diverse projects including Telecoms, where he developed relationships between Telecom Malaysia and various US Carriers as well as strengthening Trading options in the Far & Middle East as well as West Africa.

More recently Imad has been involved in various Trading and Development projects including Telecoms, Aeronautical Sales and Oil Procurement. He has become a Director of Global Solutions and Commodities Ltd to develop current business opportunities.

Throughout his life Imad has always maintained a management role of his family’s interests in Iraq. Imad speaks fluent English, Arabic and French and resides in Surrey, with his wife and two sons.

Sean has over twenty years’ business leadership, international business development, sales, marketing and senior management experience across multiple industries. He brings a proven track record in delivering exponential sales growth at a number of innovative, high-growth companies in the renewable energy, telecommunications, technology, and other sectors, in both developed and emerging markets.

Vastly experienced in commercial, strategic, lobbying, and sales activities, particularly in identifying and developing fast-scaling opportunities, building sales channels, managing customer relationships, and driving optimal value creation. BComm, MSc, and Applied Entrepreneurship postgrad from National University of Ireland, Galway and selected by the South Korean government as the Irish representative at an International ‘Next Generation Leaders’ Programme in Seoul. Previously named in Irish business magazine’s ‘Ireland’s Tech 100’ list.

Gary Hunter has been involved in Developing International Business for many years. During that period, he has been involved in many start-up business ventures where he has a large amount of experience of mergers and acquisitions, as well as the inevitable private equity rounds and debt finance that start-ups have to go through. He has, over the years, built up an extensive understanding on how to start-up and roll-out projects in an International setting.

Gary started his Business Development career in the late 1980’s initially based in London, UK and then Galway, Ireland. During that time, he lived and worked in Russia, Latvia, Croatia, and Albania. Later years bought him to New York, Washington and Memphis in the USA as well as Egypt, Pakistan, Iran & Iraq. During this period he worked on many differing Physical Trading Products as well as Infrastructural and Development Projects covering areas such as Telco, Medical, Internet and Power.

For a number of years Gary has been involved in the Telco and Digital Media Industry and he worked with the Modeva Group on various differing products but mainly on a new and exciting Online Gambling opportunity with Dedsert Ltd. who offer a unique Mobile and Online Gambling Experience via www.BetBright.com, where he was Co-CEO.

With GSC International Ltd. Gary has been very active in developing infrastructure opportunities in various Countries across Africa and the Middle East. Using the experience, he has gained over the last 25 plus years. Along with his Partners he has been able to develop attractive Turnkey Solutions for various critical Infrastructural Projects and Developments in Countries that have previously been unable to procure such projects. Gary has also been working with Rivada Networks in the Business Development arena, looking at the potential opportunities throughout the EMEA regions that currently exist.

Gary is also a Part-Time Business Mentor for The Princes Trust in the UK.

Bernard Woodman has experience which covers over 50 years in the construction industry. The first 30 years with the Tarmac Group in the UK as Executive Director of Tarmac Construction and Managing Director of Tarmac International he was responsible for all the overseas construction activities.

As a Civil Engineer, Bernard’s experience included working on a variety of major projects in the UK, for the Major Projects Division of Tarmac Construction. He transferred to the International Division of the Tarmac Group as Director responsible for major projects overseas, including contracts in Jordan, Egypt, Peru, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Algeria. Bernard was appointed Managing Director of the International Division, totally responsible for all Tarmacs’ overseas construction activities. These included a major irrigation project in Peru, the new port of Aquaba and the King Hussein Medical Centre in Jordan, hospitals and military installations in Algeria.

Bernard was awarded the Order of the Republic of Egypt by President Sadat for the negotiation and construction of the first tunnel under the Suez Canal and the arrangement of funding and chairmanship of the construction consortium for the 1 billion US dollars Cairo Wastewater Project. After a long career with Tarmac he concluded with the negotiation and signature of the Channel Tunnel Project linking England and France.

He joined the Fitzpatrick Group as Managing Director in 1992 to create a new international division for the company. I negotiated the 100 million US dollars turnkey design, finance, construction and commissioning of medical equipment for a new state of the art hospital for the Republic of Kazakhstan and a 180 million US dollar road project in Equatorial Guinea.

David has been involved in the Project Management and Construction Industry Sector for many years. David initially worked for a well known International Construction Company and worked on several high profile projects initially in and around London and the Home Counties. Moving on David was soon working on Projects in Russia, Uzbekistan and Latvia to name a few. This gave him the experience required to be able to operate under difficult circumstances together with the ability to overcome the unique Country issues that arise on International Construction.

David has specific experience in the Project Management side to Construction and has operated in many roles within that area. Coming from a Quantity Surveyor background he has operated in most Construction roles during his career.

More recently David started his own Project Management and Construction Business in the UK. During that period David used his commercial skills in Quantity Surveying to provide a holistic approach to the Project Management side of the Industry.

He still remains active in this arena with several high profile clients, whilst still working on varying projects that offer the opportunity for him to use the International experience he has gained over his many years in the industry.

David is a fully qualified Quantity Surveyor and lives in Oxshot, Surrey with his wife and family.

Nike Adewole has many years’ experience of senior management, international trade and developing projects successfully across Nigeria and West Africa. Nike was educated in Nigeria and the UK and has found the knowledge gained from her studies in IT has been hugely significant and helpful whilst moving into the commercial world.
Over the years Nike has built up a wealth of experience and contacts across the region and is currently very active in the energy, freight and agriculture sectors. Within these fields, Nike has been involved from the start-up process, through development and expansion and has been instrumental in turning them into successful business outcomes for all parties involved.

Pirro Kushi has a Degree in Electronic Engineering from the Tirana University, Albania. During the Hoxha dictatorship he initially worked as an Electronics Engineer in the Army and then moving to the Institute of Physics where he was responsible for the design of Nuclear Measurement Systems. Following the fall of the Hoxha regime he went to the United States where he undertook training in the Installation, Operation and Maintenance of CT Scanners. On returning to Albania, he was given responsibility to set- up and maintain the entire CT Service Network for Albania.

Pirro’s next challenge was as Head of Management Information Systems at the Rural Commercial Bank and together with Coopers & Lybrand he re-engineered the complete MIS system for the bank. At this time he was also an adviser to the Tirana Bank for Investment in the field of new technologies. He was also the Head of the Development Team to rehabilitate the Pediatric Hospital which was funded by the Swiss Government and also the Cardio Surgery Hospital in conjunction with the Italian Government.

In 1995 he formed a Software Company called INTECH, which became the first Oracle Partner in Albania. He left INTECH, to go to the Mother Teresa University Hospital in Tirana to re-organize and set-up the Biomedical Dept. and Manage the Service and Maintenance of the Medical Equipment throughout the Hospital.

After completing his assignment Pirro formed DKMed as an Engineering Support Company concentrated in the Medical Equipment, Systems and Infrastructure. DKMed also write Software Applications for Medical and other sectors.

Pirro lives in Tirana, Albania with his two Daughters and is widely known and respected throughout the Albanian Government and Business Communities.

Neil Tulip graduated with an Honours Degree (BSc) in Forestry from Aberdeen University in 1981. He is a Life Member of the Commonwealth Forestry Association and a Member of the Royal Forestry Society.

He worked for Unilever as a Forest Manager and Plantation Manager in Nigeria and Indonesia from 1981 to 1987. From 1987 to 1991 he held posts in Forestry Marketing, Engineering and Silviculture with Jaako Poyry Consulting (UK & Indonesia), Subri Industrial Plantations Ltd (Ghana) and The Federal Department of Forestry in Nigeria. From 1992 to 1995 he was International Forestry Consultant to LTS International. He has worked in Ghana, Indonesia, the Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, Nigeria, Russia, Latvia and the United Kingdom.

Neil was instrumental in the development of Kipelova Forestry Enterprises (KFE) which became the National Timber Company (NTC) in Russia. KFE was based in the Vologda Region of Russia.

More recently he has the responsible for the identification and development of all new forestry enterprises within GSC, Neil brings over twenty years International Operating Experience of controlling large scale Timber Operations in Harvesting, Silviculture, Utilisation, and Export to GSC’s International Operations throughout the World.

George Bagnall has been involved in the Agriculture sector for all of his working life, After graduating in Ireland, he spent his early years employed in farm management in the UK, were he learnt the day-to-day hands-on experience of the industry that is so necessary in this modern age.

Having gained extensive livestock experience, his focus shifted to the supply and movement of livestock throughout mainland Europe. He worked extensively throughout Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Greece. During this period he was also actively involved with the sourcing and re- stocking of piggeries throughout Russia as well.

He has provided consultancy to numerous companies working throughout the Far East, with the aim to improve mechanised farming. As well as that he been involved in the sourcing and export of machinery to suit local needs.

More recently, George has been involved in research & development for large scale commercial farming proposals in various areas of the World, including East & West Africa (His works in Africa, have led him to being instrumental in the implementation of agricultural training programmes for young African farmers as well) and South America. He has completed extensive research and works with regard to livestock, crops and machinery and their suitability and sustainability to a given area and project.

Over the years, George has built up an extensive knowledge within the Agricultural sector, on a global level. George resides in Ireland with his wife and family.

George is married with 2 children and lives in Ireland.

Michael has been a software consultant for over ten years and has had many different roles within that period. Initially developing in full stack web projects. He has worked on various platforms in a range of digital industries.

More recently he has been specialising in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and Microsoft Azure he has built up an extensive understanding and a wealth of experience in software architecture, development, implementation and support. Michael can meet with the client and convert their requirements into a design and then build the architecture and develop a solution to exactly match their requirements.

Michael has a very good personality and can communicate well at all levels and get along with colleagues. He has a positive, enthusiastic manner with good organizational skills. He is diligent, hardworking, polite and can build good relationships in both personal and professional environments. With a passion for technology and the internet of things, he is always looking for new challenges and eager to learn new skills.

Given his ability to invent and design from zero, Michael is a great asset and manages all and any software and development requirements on GSC’s projects.




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